Saturday, April 30, 2011

Because I said so

Today was a day like no other. It was filled with crying, screaming and tantrum throwing...

And that was just me.

Its amazing how dealing with kids can sometimes cause you to lose sight of the fact that YOU are the parent. Sure, you give birth to this amazing creature, but while you're counting those fingers and toes, did YOU ever stop to contemplate the day that you'd have to be a PARENT? Did you ever picture yourself losing all self control and repeating those words you heard YOUR parents say- and swore you'd never say: “Because I said so.”

What kid actually ever accepted that response??? I know I certainly didn't, and yet, during the midst of the day from Hell, I gave up with arguing all the reasons why my sons needed to listen to me and just shouted it.

Because I said so.

It didn't work. It never does. And I don't think that THAT even annoyed me as much as the fact that I got to that point in the first place. How is it that a 10 year old can figure out all the right buttons to push to make you blow your top? I was never given a manual for how to raise my kids- why were my kids given a manual for how to raise their parents?

I know there are at least 100 different psychologists out there that would disagree with how I handled today's catastrophe. Advice would probably range from I should have kept my mouth shut and not allowed an argument to boiling Cameron in hot oil...

Okay, maybe not that.

I know I could've done things differently- especially now that my throat hurts and I find myself contemplating putting an IV of wine in my arm. But, really now, how many people have watched disasters unfold before their eyes, but couldn't tear themselves away long enough to save themselves?

Oh my gosh- I'm that twit you watch in the movies. You know the one- she's the one that has plenty of time to get out of the way of that train that's barreling down on her, but instead, she stands there screaming at the top of her lungs.

Oh, good God- kill me now. I've become a cliché.


  1. Hello there, I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms! What a great blog you have.


  2. I completely understand how you feel!!! Because I said so! It sure does take a lot of work to keep our cool when the kids are pushing our buttons! It's good to just step away sometimes ... and go write how you feel. I'm sure you felt better after writing this post.

    And when you need a break - come visit the spa!
    Enjoy Motherhood!
    Ro :)

  3. We're ALL cliches. Some of us just don't admit it as freely. (Ahem. I admit it. Absolutely.)


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