Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop #5


I have a LOT to be thankful for, so I decided to start just making a list of 10 things every Thursday. That way, on days like today that make me want to scream and shout- and NOT in a good way- I can force myself to calm down and relax and think of at least 10 reasons why I'm actually NOT cursed by God to live in a miserable existence.

I'm kidding! I don't think that.


So, here it goes- my list of 10.

1. Coffee. Yes, its numero uno on my list because my kids are being mean and my husband has left me to go to work. The lucky devil. Coffee will never leave me, though.
2. My kids. Even though they make me search the internet to see if it actually IS legal to sell them via Craigslist, I love them.
3. My husband. He turned 31 yesterday and on his birthday, he decided to help me with the kids, make dinner, and -most importantly- didn't run screaming when the kids chose to turn into demons.
4. Earplugs. Never underestimate the power of good, quality earplugs.
5. Bedtime- theirs, not mine.
6. Blogging. Without a place to vent my frustrations with The Natural Disasters, I might possibly burst.
7. Cake. My thighs aren't thankful for this one, but I haven't really heard them complain about it, either, so who cares what they think?
8. PJs. I can't wear them right now -we're heading to a place soon where you APPARENTLY need to be dressed- but I'm looking forward to the moment when I can put on my soft PJs.
9. Locks. You know- the kind that keep children out. None of those namby pamby ones that only need a small screwdriver to do the job, either. Nope. I like a nice lock that the kids can't figure out... because they're smart. Like the raptors in Jurassic Park.
10. Wine. A nice merlot- even a crisp white. Heck, even a bottle of Two Buck Chuck will do nicely. Ask yourself this: after a couple of glasses, will it make me see my kids as sweet creatures that I don't want to sell on the black market? If your answer is 'yes', then I want it in my glass.

So, here are the rules- well, not RULES, persay. They're more like GUIDELINES:

1. Don't follow me unless you really want to. I don't want this to be purely about getting new followers- I'd really like to see people flooding the internet with "Thankful" posts. If you'd like me to follow YOU, though, let me know.

2. Please post the button somewhere in your entry- beginning, end- doesn't matter. It'll help to grow the hop. Also, I'm planning on using new co-hosts for the hop in the future, and to be considered, you must have the button up. If you post the button and would like to be considered for co-host duty, send me an email @

3. You can link up blogs, facebook and twitter accounts - just be sure to specify what each link is.

4. Hop around and find blogs that you enjoy. Be sure to tell them you are following them from Thankful Thursdays Blog Hop so they can follow you back!

And #5 and most importantly, HAVE FUN.


  1. Thank you for friending Grandma Bonnie on VoiceBoks. I am now a new follower. I joined your hop. I hope it,s ok that I did not make a special post for for it. but I will be sure to next time.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm also VERY thankful for coffee. Lately i've been drinking about 3 cups a day, I seriously need to cut back, lol. Following you back form the Boost my Blog hop! Thank you so much for stopping by! I look forward to reading your blog =D


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