Friday, August 19, 2011

TGIB (Thank God I'm Back, lol)

Well, its been a little while, but that's what happens when you tell your body with the autoimmune disorder,"Hey!  You know what would be really just SUPER neat?  If we could push you to the max and see how long till you break."  I'm not the type to really slow down, so I'm guessing that's the point where my body just said,"Yeah, ok.  You do that...I'll be lying on this here bed, though, so let's see who gets their way."

Well, obviously you can understand- me being me- I had no other choice but to prove my body wrong.  The problem is, though, that only left me with the choice of "out of body" experiences, since my body was on strike, and there's only so much you can do with those.

So, I took some time off.  It was probably for the best; although, its not like I had any REAL choice in the matter, but whatever.

But now, I'm back!  Yay me!  And to celebrate this fantastic occasion, I'm breaking out the awards!

No, not for you- for me!  Sillys.  Before I went MIA, 2 terrific blogger buddies -whom I love- bestowed awards on my awesome butt.

(Well, not my BUTT- that'd just be weird.  To my knowledge, neither one of them has seen my butt.  However, you get the picture.)

So, here it goes.

First off, I'd like to thank the amazing Miriam at Golden Butterflyz for nominating me for this fancy lil' number:
Isn't she a sweetheart?  I'm betting that right about now, you're going,"Ohhhhh... so THAT'S where the smoke was coming from!"  Yup- it was from MY blog.  I'm on fire. :-b  She has graciously had me guest post on her blog before- and now this!  If you don't go and check her out, well, your loss cuz she's kind of awesome.

And now, the rules.  Always with the rules.

#1- Link back to the awesome bloggy buddy who gave me the nomination. (check!)
#2- Give you 7 insights into lil' 'ol me.
#3- Give the nomination to 10 other fire-y blogs out there.

1.  Since I mentioned it in the beginning of this, I have an autoimmune disorder that the all powerful doctors USED to think was Lupus and now we call 'Bob' because Bob doesn't sound evil or scary and its a whole heck of a lot less wordy than 'Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disorder'.
2.  Yes, I have 3 boys.  No, we will NEVER try for 'that girl'.  Twins apparently run on my side of the family and my husband is the only one of his brothers to have boys.  Ergo, we'd end up with twin boys if we tried for a girl.  And God would laugh.
3.  I like lists.  I'm quirky like that.  I like being able to cross things off on a list- it makes it feel like I've accomplished so much more.
4.  I walk to lose weight and to help me fit back into me "pre-Cameron" pants.
5.  I eat items I've made from my breadmaker because I don't want to make losing weight too easy on myself.  Apparently.
6.  My hands turn purple when I get too cold- another side effect from 'Bob'.  They're my temperature gauges.
7.  My almost 8 month old is almost walking.  I know that part wasn't necessarily about ME, but the fact that I'm that much closer to losing my mind sure is.

10 Fire-y Bloggy Buddies
1.  Fun on a Dime             

2.  Taylor @ Duely Noted
3.  Kathryn @ The Dragons Fairytail
4.  Janie  @ Hoo Goes Where
5.  Shannon  @ Coupon Saving in the South
6.  Erin @ Dinner Dishes and Desserts
7.  Ziggy Blogs
8.  Mandy @ Atlanta Military Mom
9.  Melanie @ Here's Livin' the Dream
10.  Lisa  @ Brain Drops Keep Falling

And (as the great gal who gave me this award so perfectly put it) for more proof of my awesomeness, I'd like to thank Lisa over at Insignificant at Best for nominating me for
Please, please- hold your applause.  I simply would not be where I am today if not for the little people.

And, by little people, I mean my kids. 

So, before I get on with the rules for this award yet again, let me implore you to go check her out.  She's a great person and a great read, and (if I wasn't sure), I would think that we were kin- if not separated at birth.  We have THAT much in common.

And now, for the rules:
#1- Give credit where credit is due (in other words, link back to my nominator).
#2- Share 7 tidbits about myself.
#3- Award 15 other bloggers.

So, here it goes.  Again, lol.
Tidbits 'bout me...
1.  I want to travel- man, how I want to travel.  Germany, Israel, Ireland, France- you name it.  This bird wants to fly!  And, if I have to, I'll take my kids with me.
2.  I love french fries, but I'm not a big fan of ketchup.  And PLEASE do not ever ask me if I want ketchup on a Braut *shudder*.  That's akin to murder in my book.
3.  I take so long to post comments sometimes because I actually check back on each person who left it for me, and try to respond to them directly.  Call it part of my OCD, but I feel off when I don't do it.
4.  I REALLY don't like Vanilla or Rose "perfumes".  They always smell wrong to me.  Fake.  Not right.
5.  I have a book of recipes that I've put together and NOTHING goes into it unless I feel its worthy.
6.  FYI- tonight's Roast Chicken went in it. :-D
7.  I have a million interests and no money to pursue any of them.  Except writing.  I have the money to do that... cuz it costs nothing.

And my 15 nominees are...
1.  Kitchen Singer
3.  The Billhime Clan
4.  Jenn @ The Coolest Family on the Block
5.  Changing Diapers and Taking Names 
6.  Heather @ Basil Momma
7.  I've Become My Mother
8.  Not So Silent Mommy
9.  Collisa @ Susanna's Apron
10.  Becky Jane @ Rise Above Your Limits
11.  Mommy Lady Club
12.  Danielle @ Life With 2 Boys
13.  Five Feet of Fun
14.  Life...Just Saying
15.  Jill @ Thy Word is a Lamp to My Feet

Well, that's it.  I hope that the fact that this entry is so long makes up for the fact that I've been MIA.  So, I've given you 25 great new blogs to read (27, when you count the 2 sweet bloggy buddies who gave me the awards)- don't say I never gave you anything.  Just say thank you and get to reading!


  1. Glad you're feeling better, and congrats on two awards! That must help! Take it easy!

  2. Hi! Congrats on your awards! Your blog is so fun and honest. I will be following. Thank you for the nomination and the sweet comments on my blog.

  3. Thank you so much! I'm following you now as well! I would be very honored for the Saturday Shout out as well! Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. Thank you so much for the award!
    That sounds glad you are better:-)

  5. Thanks! You are sooooooo funny! I'm glad you're back - I really enjoy your blog! So sorry about Bob, though. I hope this proves to be a strong comeback.
    I'd definitely be interested in your "Saturday Shoutout" some time - thanks for the offer! When I finally get organized, I'll return the favor.

  6. I've decided it's okay to go MIA once in a while...we all seem to do it/need it! Thanks for the award. I enjoyed reading about Mom loved to check things off a list and when the list was all done she loved tearing it into tiny pieces and throwing it in the trash...she was such a character!

  7. You are so sweet...thank you for the award! I am definitely a checklist girl too. Everyday I make them, and if I don't have them checked off, I can't sleep! I hope you are feeling stronger soon:)

  8. Thank you so much for the award! I'm still being a punk and haven't posted since I said I would, but things have been crazy chaotic for me. :(

    Anyway, yes, I would love to have my blog highlighted! :) Don't know if I'm too late in answering that though, haha.

  9. Thanks for following Atlanta Military Mom, and also thank you so much for nominating me for this award! I am going to have to work on finding blogs I can nominate! :)

    Also, I got your comment about featuring my blog. I would love that! If you want to email me at when you want to! :)


  10. Thanks for participating in “Stalk Hop Friday”! I'm Following you on GFC as Mrs. Marine! Sorry it took me so long to stop by.
    "Stalk Hop Friday" posts every Thrusday at 5 PM Eastern!

  11. my email addy is I'm excited, thanks so much :)


  12. Thanks for being my newest follower and for the awesome award!! I tend to get bloggers block and go MIA once in a while. My blog might be pretty Lame-O this summer while the kids are keeping me busy, but I hope to have more time to post when school starts up again. I'd be honored to be featured in a Saturday Shout out! Thanks! Following you now!

  13. thank you so much for featuring me and giving me that! your blog is so fun. I've subscribed to your posts now and am excited to read future ones! you are a very good writer.


  14. Just want to say thank you for the wonderful compliment! I have recently started a business and while I should be writing AND working, I seem to only have energy for one. I am so appreciative of the nomination. That post was INTENSELY personal, obviously, and it laid one of my most painful experiences out for public viewing. It is nice to know people connect with it.
    Love your style. I have an autoimmune thyroid disorder...i know how it feels when your messed up immune system attacks the stuff you need. don't you want to grab it by the ears and shake it??

  15. Thanks for the award and for stopping by my blog! It's always so much fun to have a new reader. I, too, have been lacking on the blogging lately due to an extremely rambunctious toddler and morning sickness! Hopefully I'll be back to my 'blogging normal' soon!

  16. Congratulations on your two awards & thank you for my award. I just did a 25 Things About Me Post. I guess I can come up with 7 more not-so-boring things about me :)

    Following you now!


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