Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sturday Shout-out: Always Just a Mom

I wanted to use my Saturday posts to highlight some great bloggers out there. This week's feature blogger is wonderful and I hope you love her as much as I do. If you'd like me to highlight you, just send me an email at

Saturday Shout-Out!


~Your name: Stephanie Greiner

~Your blog's name w/ link: Always Just A Mom (

~Type of blog it is: a little Life in general but a lot of Mommy Blog!? That's the best way to describe it I think!

~Tell us a little something about yourself: I met and married my crazy husband in under a month (we met Memorial Day weekend and were married June 30th...which happened to be the start of the Fourth of July weekend), we have to little guys (String Bean 3 and Biscuit 2) that are 13 1/2 months apart and keep us both on our toes. I am a stay at home mom that just decided to open an Etsy store with some fun crafts and handmade gifts (Goodies By Greiner) because I needed a creative outlet and a little extra money would never hurt anyone. We live in St. Louis and love living in a city that has so much family-friendly stuff to do!!! Our only complaint is we're beach/ocean loving people and well...St. Louis is we'll save that for our retirement! I am a follower of Christ, I'm active in my church and I love learning, doing and keeping know what they say about having idle hands!!!

~If you had only 1 wish, what would it be and why? Gosh I feel like I should say something like "world Peace" but I'm going to go ahead and be a little more selfish. If I had only one wish I would wish that we owned our home, I mean OWNED our more house payments. I think if we could get our house paid off quickly we could use that money to start saving for our beach house (we're really committed to this idea) or I could just wish for the beach house...but I'm not ready to leave the city just yet!?

~What's your favorite thing about where you live and why? I love, love, love, our FREE ZOO! The STL Zoo is amazing! We typically spend 1 day a week there and seeing all the animals is completely free...if you get there in the first hour you can get into the Children's Zoo, the Carousel and the Stingray exhibit for free too! We do purchase a pass but then I'm guaranteed free unlimited parking (you can park on the "road" all around the zoo for free but with two little ones, by myself, that's a little difficult so I totally think the pass is worth the money), I get like 60 tickets for the stuff we would have to use money for (including the TRAIN) and we get 10% off food, beverages and gifts in the gift it is really a great deal for me! I'm all about the zoo (we also get invited to some special events throughout the that's really fun!) the boys love it and it's a great way to spend a few hours in the morning (we live so close we can just go spend 2 hours...and not feel bad because we didn't see ALL of the zoo)!!!

~3 words to describe yourself would be...? Outgoing, FUN, Organized

~1 little known fact about you is...? I have been playing the violin since I was 3...I actually wouldn't say I'm actively playing right now...but I get it out every once in awhile.

~1 vice of yours is...? A good glass of merlot!

~Why did you start blogging? I wanted to share the end of my pregnancy and the beginnings of our life as a family with all my friends and family that didn't live near us (most live on the East Coast) the blog was a great way to get it's a whole different beast!

~What's your favorite thing about blogging? I think it's the online community that you end up forming. I love building these new relationships with other parents and learning fun tricks of the trade from some seasoned parents. I also LOVE the giveaways (I've won like 5 in the last was good week for me!)!!

~What do you think makes for a successful blog? For me I like it to be visually appealing, organized and provide solid information. I really like to read stories but have them mixed in with posts about organization, crafting, recipes, giveaways...I think it's great to have a mix and learn about the individual writers of the blogs.

~3 words to describe your blog would be...? FUN, MOMMY, Educational

~What's 1 blog (besides yours) that you think everyone should check out? I think everyone should check out: Young House Love...I love this blog and read it DAILY!

I'm hoping this will be a success, so let me know if you like me doing this.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great idea! It's fun to find out some intresting facts about other bloggers and I always love to know why someone started their blog. I follow "Always Just a Mom" and enjoy it too! Have a great day!

  2. I always enjoy reading Stephanie's blog. Keep up the good work!


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