Sunday, July 17, 2011

Be quiet and stop moving already!

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

 A long time ago, I saw a shirt that said,"My parents couldn't wait for me to walk and talk- now all I hear is sit down and shut up."  I'm pretty sure God feels that way about me.

Anyone who knows me- I mean, REALLY knows me- knows that I'm always on the move.  And talking.  constantly talking.


I always have somewhere I'm going, someplace I need to be, something I need/ want to be doing, someone to talk to about something SUPER important...

2 of my boys start school in August- one in Jr. High (man, that statement makes me feel OLD) and one in kindergarten- and I'm already making plans to be the Box Tops coordinator and class mom for the kindergartener.

Did I mention I'm the organizer for my mom's group, run this blog and am Boystown co-manager extraordinaire?

One might think my philosophy almost seems like its,"I want to be wherever I'm not right now."

I say all of this to try and get through to you that I'm not the type of person to sit around; to be quiet; to be still and do nothing.

When there's something to be done, I do it; when there's a problem, I want an answer right away.  If I can't get it done or don't FIND an answer, it bugs me.

I'm a doer, and a doer without something to do feels useless.

So, when something is going on in my life- a crisis, if you will- well, let's be honest now, shall we?  The first thing I usually do is try to see how I- the almighty, powerful, super heroic SortaSuperMom- can come to my own rescue.

And sometimes it works, and I'll walk away, patting myself on the back, saying,"Well, its a good thing you figured out how to make the impossible, possible."

And then there are those times that all my might and mastery doesn't work.  That's when I find myself saying,"Ok, God- I guess we'll give you a try.  You're up to bat- let's see what you can do.  This is a hard one, though- I wasn't able to figure it out."

I can almost imagine God laughing at me.

And then I wait.  And I wait.  And I wait.

And its funny, because me -with my all-important time table- I can't seem to figure out why its taking God so long to answer my prayer.  I mean, its GOD; if ANYone could snap their fingers and *poof* its done, it should be him, right?

I'm telling God to jump and He's saying,"Wait- watch this.  You want this one tiny thing, but if you'll just chill out for a moment- kick back; relax; take your shoes off and hang out for a while- you'll see what I can really do.  Stop moving around and trying to fix everything; stop trying to be everything to everyone and just sit.  Be still, because what I have planned is so much better and what I can teach you will far surpass what you're asking for.  And if I give you JUST what you're asking for, then I know you'll be happy; and if I give you MORE, you'll be ecstatic; but you need to know that if I don't give you what you want, it will still be ok, because I'm God, and in the end, I know what you really need more than you do."

It reminds me of that part in the Bible where Jesus was visiting Mary and Martha, and Martha was running around like a chicken with her head cut off and getting upset because Mary was sitting at Jesus' feet.

So, tonight, now that I've gotten the kids in bed and I've taken off the mommy hat- ok, I've stuffed it in my pocket- I'm going to attempt this whole 'being still' thing.  I'm going to be a "Mary" after being a "Martha" all day.

Good night!

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  1. Following from Voiceboks. The saying "it takes all types to make a village work" applies here. Though I'm not like you, I am thankful for people like you. There are times though that relaxing will only give you more energy to run around. Try it when you can. :) Best wishes!!!


  2. I am so glad I found you! I have been working on Be sitll and know that I am GOD for awhilke now. And sometimes I actually GET it...I am an overachiever like you too. Thanks for the insight into boystown.

  3. Just started following you from VoiceBoks :)

  4. Hi!
    I know the feeling of always being on the go. This summer I've tried waking up a half and hour earlier and reading a Psalm and praying before I even get out of bed. It has really helped me keep my days in perspective. Thanks for sharing from your heart! I'm your latest follower and I would love it when you have a moment to stop by my family's blog.



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