Friday, July 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop #3: My husband


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And #5 and most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Ok, so its better late than never. I meant to get this up earlier- I guess that would be yesterday, now, but- wouldn't ya know it?- LIFE got in the way. Go figure. I've tried telling it that I need some "Me" time, but so far, no dice.

That's ok, though. I'm fine with not having posted this on time, because it gave me one more example to use in this post. What am I thankful for this Thursday? My husband.

I know, its corny, sappy, and oh-so-standard the reply... or is it? I mean, I know that most wives ARE thankful for their husbands (or, I HOPE they are), but how many actually blurt it out just for the sake of having it out there? Lots of us will tell a person to their face how thankful we are for them (or, once again, I would hope so), but how many of us brag on those we love to other people? I think the BEST time to brag on someone is when it truly IS bragging- when there's not a huge chance that person will actually find out what you said, but you just feel the need to put it out there into the ether that the person you love is pretty fantastic. After all, your actions should leave the person you love KNOWING what you think of them already, right?

With that being said- and with no expectancy of receiving return praise- my husband is this week's topic for thankfulness.

My husband is the most amazing man I've ever known. I joke, but after 14 years, he still puts up with me- that alone should earn him a place in Heaven. He works 7 days a week so that I can stay home with the kids- not because he LOVES to do it and not just because day care is expensive; he says its because he thinks its best for our kids. When I start to feel bad about our finances and tell him we'd be better off if I got a job, he tells me that he couldn't do what he does without me doing what I do.

My best friend and I have a standing date once a week to hang out and relax- sans kids- and never -not ONCE- has he ever given me a hard time about it. He works constantly, never gets a break, and then he relieves me of the boys and tells me to go have fun. Once a month, I have a Mom's Night with some of the girls from my moms group- same thing. He'll tell me to have a good time as the boys are wrestling in the background, ready to attack once the door closes. While there is every chance in the world that my husband is a glutton for punishment,...

Nope, that's a VERY big chance, but no matter. He knows what he's getting himself into, and the fact that he keeps doing it, week after week,...

Well, now- that's the definition of insanity, now- isn't it? Maybe that's his secret. He's an insane glutton for punishment. :-D

My husband is the type of guy that everyone loves. You can't meet him and ever actually say you don't like him. Its just not possible. He's a truly NICE guy. He's hardworking, funny, trustworthy...

He's my very best friend.

We went and saw Bill Cosby perform (a present from my wonderful hubby), and Bill made a remark in his performance that husbands and wives can't be friends, and maybe that's true to a degree, but I think that in order to have a REAL relationship with your spouse, there needs to be some sort of friendship there. You need to not just LOVE the person your with, but LIKE them, too.

I genuinely LIKE my husband. He's a fun guy to hang out with.

And, yeah- we're one of those sappy couples with tons of inside jokes- that can see black ants and start laughing-

don't ask

-but what do you expect? We've been together for 14 years. We were high school sweethearts. If he can put up with 17 year old me, well, I'm pretty sure he can deal with ME from here on out.

The great thing about him, though, is he doesn't just "put up" with me. He does a million little things that let me know that he LIKES ME, too- taking care of the kids so I can go out is just one of many. He comes home from work and will take the crying baby from me before my head explodes; he buys me my favorite candy just because; he leaves me notes; sends me texts; gets gas in the car after a long shift because he knows the car needs it and he doesn't want me to have to do it the next day; makes me coffee- need I say more?

And if this post is making you gag, then I'm going to tell you what I tell my kids- get a straw, suck it up, and deal with it. After all, YOU'RE the one who keeps reading. Masochistic, much?

So, this week- and every week, honestly- I'm thankful for my hunny. Without him, I couldn't really be me.

So, yes- you can blame him for who I am.

What are YOU thankful for?


  1. This is GREAT! I'm so thankful for my husband, too. We're not nearly as sappy as you and your wonderful hubby - but we have a good relationship =)

    I'm going to hook up to this hop next Thursday (and I'd love to co-host). I write a Thankful Thursday post every week! And I really love, love, love reading other Thankful Thursday posts!

    I didn't see a linky tool to enter anything for, but I'm putting the button on my post for this week.

    Thanks for visiting me, too!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your husband! I hope he reads it and feels how much he is loved. We need more of this type of "bragging" in our society today and less of the keeping up with the Jones' attitude. Thanks for stepping out and sharing from your heart. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Thank you both! I'm glad it was readable since I wrote it so early in the a.m., lol.
    Milkshake- I wasn't quite sure how to do a linky, but I'm going to figure it out today or tomorrow so I can start having one for next weeks. I look forward to reading yours- and I'd LOVE to have you co-host.


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