Thursday, September 15, 2011

The ABC's of Me

I'm a part of an online community called Voiceboks.  I know I've mentioned it before, and I'll probably mention it again.  Its a great place to "hang out" because its not just about growing your blog- its about friendship, so I'm thankful that the creator of the group - Lexie Lane- happened upon my blog and invited me when she first created it.  
Anyways, one of the "events" I'm participating in right now is this- a bit about me in ABC form.  Hope you enjoy!
The ABCs of Moi

A-  Ale.  that’s what I was named after: Amber Bock Ale.  Never underestimate the emotional whims of a pregnant woman.  Mom saw a billboard with the name- thus, it became me.  Guess I should be happy she hadn’t fancied the name ‘Michelob’.

B-  Boystown.  The first one was my husband’s family, and since we’re now the only ones of all his brothers to have boys, its now us.

C-  Christopher.  My heavenly baby.

D-  Dr. Who.  I’m a geek.  I like Sci-Fi and I LOVE this show.

E-  East.  Coast, that is.  I wouldn’t mind living some place where there were actual SEASONS.  I've heard there are places in the US where the trees change color with what time of year it is.  Right now, I'm living in a place where the only thing that changes color is the air- dusty, smoggy, cloudy, etc.

F-  Fireflies.  They have those back East, too.

G-  Gouda.  Well, any type of cheese, really.  I love cheese.  Does that make me mousy?

H-  Humor.  If you’re my friend, you need to have a sense of one.  If you don't have one, it'll just mean that I'll annoy you sooner than usual and you won't want to be near me.

I-  Insane asylum.  Its only a matter of time til I end up in one.

J-  Jesus.  My savior.

K-  Kids.  3.  No more.  At least, no more on Earth.  (See’C’)

L-  Liar.  I’m a bad one so I don’t even try.  I mean, seriously- I suck at lying.  Ask my best bud, Alli.  She was around when I'd try and call out sick from work to hang out with her when I was younger.  I might as well have just said,"I'm not coming in because I'd rather hang out with friends today."

M-  My coffee.  Yes, I know coffee starts with ‘c’, but that was already taken.

N-  ‘Numb’.  The default ringtone on my phone.

O-  Opal.  I think they’re pretty but my hubs will never buy me any jewelry with them in it because they remind him of stones from the old ‘Land of the Lost’ TV show.

P-  Pick up.  Nissan.  My second automobile I owned.  I learned to drive stick shift in it.

Q-  Quiet.  Never get to really experience it here at Boystown.

R-  Rain.  We need a good storm here.  With hail.  And thunder.  And lightning.

S-  Simple.  I like things that aren’t extravagant but have a lot of heart behind them.

T-  Talkative.  Very.  And Camo takes after me in that way.

U-  Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disorder.  My disorder.  I named it Bob because you can’t be scared of a disorder named ‘Bob’.  And Bob takes a lot less work to say.

V-  Valentine’s Day.  Call me a hopeless romantic, but I think its a nice holiday.  I think it says more about those people who are gung-ho to celebrate April Fool's Day, but claim that Valentine’s Day was created just to sell Hallmark cards.

W-  Winter.  Its my favorite time of year.  In the summer (what seems to be the longest season of the year in my neck of the woods), you can only take off so much clothing to try and get cool.  In the Winter, though, you can pile on the sweaters, beanies, gloves, scarfs; huddle under a thousand blankets- tons of ways to get toasty.

X-  X-ray.  I had quite a few while they worked to discover what was wrong with me (physically, people.  Mentally, that’s a whole ‘nother issue.).  On the bright side, I can say with no reservations and lots of proof that I have both -a heart AND a brain.  The down side?  X-rays are expensive and I’m pretty sure I signed over my kids on one of the forms.  I’m surprised I don’t glow in the dark.

Y-  Yellow.  I’ve heard the spelling of this word at least 50 times today alone.  Its the color of the week at Jacob’s kindergarten and he won’t let me forget it.

Z-  Zzzzzz....  What I’d really love to be doing right now since I have an 8 month old that is either a nocturnal creature of sorts or is solar powered and insists on keeping me up til all hours.  I know that one day I’ll look back on these days and long for simpler times, but for now, I’d give my left pinkie for a few quite moments of shut eye.  Who needs a pinkie, anyways?


  1. I love you!! I love your sense of humor and I love your ABC's!! How you got your name is great, I had a friend who name is Tia Maria the name of a liqour, her grandfather was a bartender!! Perhaps we can get adjoing rooms in the insane asylum!! Great post, thanks for another great laugh!!

  2. I love your F and Y. Being named after an ale is also better than being named after Goldschlager! lol :-)

    Sadie via vB


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